A better way to remember

Say goodbye to the stress of forgetting and hello to a smarter, more efficient you with MindSync.

How it works.

Enhance your memory with MindSync, the ultimate tool for achieving superhuman recall.
Our unique spaced repetition system ensures that you'll receive timely reminders of important information before it slips your mind.
Experience the power of a finely tuned memory with MindSync.

Here's how...

Create a deck

Master a single topic with our customizable decks, each containing a series of cards. For example, learn about the Presidents of the United States or any other subject of your choice.

Add some cards

Create cards that feature a question on one side and the answer on the other. For example, "Who was the first president?" and "George Washington." Use these flash cards to test your knowledge and improve your retention of key information.

Review daily

MindSync simplifies the learning process by keeping track of when to present you with each flash card for review. With MindSync, you can stay on top of your studies and improve your retention of important information.

Upgrade your memory.

Give yourself the power of superhuman memory.

  • Create cards from multiple sources

    Coming soon - Generate cards from PDFs, webpages and more with the web extension.

  • Review daily

    Every day MindSync generates a list of cards for you to review.

  • Keep on top of it all

    Cards will resurface just before leaving your working memory.

  • Find decks from the community

    Coming soon - MindSync users can share decks with everyone.

  • Personal decks

    Decks are private by default, enabling you to craft the perfect deck before sharing - or keep it for yourself forever.

  • Multimedia upload

    For those places where text can't cut it upload an image to your card.